What a Night!

5 years and the Night to Remember continues to grow!  This year, over 100 people came to Costa Azzurra in Milford for a great night of food, friends, and festivities.  There were many great parts of the night, but without doubt, the highlight of the evening was our guest speaker, Christopher Lukas.  A high school freshman, a very nice young man, and an HLHS success story, Christopher shared his memories of hospital stays alongside expressions of the normalcy of his current life.  His passion for life was unquestionable.  His appreciation for what Kisses from Katie does was obvious…and humbling.  After a few minutes of honest and authentic reflections, Christopher was met by a heartfelt standing ovation from an appreciative audience.

Not only did the evening mark the 5th Night to Remember, it also marked the 5th anniversary of Katie’s passing.  For the 4 previous Night to Remember events we made it very clear that our events and our organization were not about Katie.  She was the genesis and the inspiration, but all of the children in need were our ongoing motivation.  This year, we modestly redacted this statement and shared a slide show of Katie’s life, reconnecting the audience with the passion that drives KfK.  When Vickie added stories of the youngsters we’ve helped this year, the connection between the inspiration and the ongoing motivation was clear.  Then, we all agreed to celebrate life- and we did just that!

The evening was a resounding success.  Happy attendees left with great prizes, and our organization raised more than it has raised at any Night to Remember, making over $14,000.  Thank you all yet again for your support!  We appreciate it, and we know the patients and families that we support certainly appreciate it.

Please check out our Facebook page to see more pictures from the event.

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