One of Katie's Heroes - Nurse Erin

Helping Energize RN’s Ongoing Efforts to Serve (HEROES), is designed to provide nurses with the education and motivation to continue the great work that they do.

Nursing is one of the most demanding occupations a person could possibly have. A pediatric ICU nurse has the most demanding position in an already demanding field. Nurse attrition and turnover is well documented. Caring for the sick is burdensome, and it can take its toll on people.

A nurse caring for a sick child cannot lose their energy. They cannot lose their passion to care for the ill. They must maintain a spirit and vitality that a child and family can sense. They have the most direct connection and impact on that family.

By sponsoring nurses to attend a conference that either enhances their knowledge or increases their resolve, Kisses from Katie hopes to help keep great nurses in the field, and keep them motivated to stay dedicated to such a noble profession.

If you'd like to apply for a HEROES grant, please click here and submit your application.

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