A Wee Bit of Relief

Wee Sight® Transilluminators

Katie was a “hard stick”. Each time Katie was in the hospital, the staff needed to find a vein where they could place an IV line. Katie’s veins were so small that it was extremely hard for the staff to find and properly place an IV.

After one surgery, Katie had over 40 “sticks” on her little arm. Translation: Katie had 40 needle pricks where medical staff tried and failed to get a line. Her parents felt helpless and guilty that their daughter had to go through such an ordeal each time she was admitted to the hospital.

Wee Sights® are a small device that can help nurses accurately locate the tiny veins in a baby’s small limbs for improved insertion of an IV. The device is a simple transilluminator that can help young patients tremendously. Katie’s parent’s first became aware of the device during one of Katie’s hospital stays. While searching for a vein, a doctor used a Wee Sight and found a line in only two attempts. Katie’s parents were amazed and relieved. They want other parents to avoid the strain of 40 needle pricks…and take yet another edge off.

A Wee Bit of Relief is a program that provides ICU’s with multiple Wee Sights to use while attempting to start an IV line.

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