Become a Volunteer

There are many different ways that you can become a supporter of Kisses from Katie, Inc.  We appreciate that assistance can come in a variety of manners, and that all of the support aids the advancement of the organization, and in turn helps “take the edge off” for those in need.

Here are five ways YOU can help:

(1)    Tell a friend! Simply tell a friend about the work we are doing.  It’s free.  It’s easy.  It’s powerful!

(2)    Attend an event.  We host an array of events and activities and we really appreciate your presence.  If you’d like to go one step further…bring a friend.

(3)    Organize a pillow party.  Girl scouts, church groups, community service teams, or just a group of family/friends can get together and make some pillows that go directly to sick children. We deliver over 100 pillows a month, so we always need help.

(4)    Coordinate a fundraiser. Car washes, a dress down day at work, or a bake sale are all great fundraising ideas.  You can help by gathering together some of your connections, having fun, and supporting a good cause!

(5)    Donate. If you don’t have time, or you have means, we always appreciate donations that can help us deliver our programs, and ultimately grow the number of people that benefit from our services.

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