Welcome to Kisses from Katie, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the life of Katie Manning by providing resources to critically ill children, their families, and the people who are dedicated to caring for them.

Since our inception in 2009, the organization has grown to service 5 hospitals in the Northeast with 8 different programs. By educating parents, easing the burden on children, and improving the delivery of services by nurses, we believe that we are improving the health and welfare of all involved. We realize that we cannot directly change or remove the harsh medical realities of children in pediatric ICU's, but we also know that we CAN make a significant difference by "taking the edge off." [ more ]

What's New

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Stuff A Cruiser Toy Drive

Our 12th annual “Stuff a Cruiser” Toy Drive will be held on December 7th(10am-8pm) and 8th(11am46pm) at the CT Post Mall's inside Target entrance. As in the past, [ more ]

11th Annual Night to Remember

Our 11th Annual Night to Remember will take place on Saturday, November 9, 2019.  Tickets are available and we are looking for donations for the event.  Please contact us if you can help donate to our auction or help offset the cost of the event by becoming a sponsor... [ more ]

11th Annual Stuff a Cruiser Toy Drive

Our 11th annual “Stuff a Cruiser” Toy Drive was held on December 8, 2018 and 9, 2018 at the CT Post Mall's inside Target entrance. As in the past, [ more ]

Kisses from Katie Swag!

Interested in purchasing some Kisses from Katie gear and apparel?  Check out our order form...[more]

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