6th Annual Toy Drive

The toy drive on December 13th and 14th marked our 6th year of collecting toys for local children who spent the Holidays in the pediatric ICU.  As with the 5 preceding years, the depth of kindness and generosity from donors was staggering.  However, what impressed us most deeply this year was the partnership of our long standing volunteers with new helpers who were so intensely committed to our cause. The Milford Police Department has partnered with us each year.  We're so thankful for their support!  A special thank you goes out to Tony Vitti who helped coordinate the toy drive this year.

We were lucky enough to receive almost 800 toys and almost $4,000 in cash donations.  However, much of this would not have been possible without those that braved the cold and snow to take to the mall 2 weeks before Christmas and work on KfK's behalf.  Thank you all and we hope to see you again next year- I hope you know that your efforts "took the edge off" for much deserved recipients.

Our toy drive is also expanding beyond our two days in the mall.  This year, Emma Longley kindly gathered toys in lieu of gifts for her birthday- she received fantastic toys for young teenagers, a group that we often struggle to serve.  Emma's donation illustrates her selfless perspective.  We deeply appreciate Emma and all of our volunteers' dedication to serving those in need.

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