Memory Eternal

Arguably, there is nothing more difficult than a parent losing a child.  A natural order is disturbed when a parent has to bury their son or daughter.  At the end of the child’s life, parents can be stricken by an array of thoughts.  They are grappling with loss and struggling to understand an altered future.

During such an emotional time, parents probably aren’t considering how to memorialize their child’s life.  After Katie passed away, the wonderful nurses that cared for her created hand and foot molds, and placed Katie’s hand and footprints on a meaningful poem.  At that time, her parents placed little value in the efforts. Today, they are the most valuable tangible items that they have.  It is the last (and one of only a few) physical mementos that they have to memorialize their daughter. 

Loss is crippling.  Parents will have to move on with a hole in their lives.  Kisses from Katie hopes that their Memory Eternal program, which provides medical staff with end-of-life resources to honor a lost child, will aid in the healing process.  

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