Records in a Flash

Flash Drives

The “Records in a Flash” program provides cardiology patients with their crucial information on a USB drive. The families can carry all the necessary information with them on one little flash drive, which can be accessed from any computer. In having these flash drives, the families will have a small yet crucial aid that will help with the ongoing care of their child.

Katie’s parents had many discussions about taking Katie on a trip. They had aspirations of visiting some friends in Pennsylvania. While discussing the trip, they became overwhelmed by the amount of information they would need to gather just to take a simple weekend getaway. The standard baby gear paled in comparison to the laundry list of information necessary to feel comfortable leaving home. These included the list of local hospitals, Katie’s medication, and any relevant medical records that might be needed if Katie had to be taken to a different hospital. Katie’s medical binder was huge! It was filled with notes from each surgery, catheterization, and hospital stay. While not all of that would be needed, there were some specifics that were needed in case something should happen. After starting Kisses from Katie, her parent’s immediately knew they wanted to provide other parents with a flash drive that could simplify their child’s care, and take the edge off!

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