It can be very difficult to understand a doctor during an intense meeting regarding a child’s medical condition. As a parent, you are trying to understand the complex language that the doctors are speaking in reference to your child’s illness,s while you are also trying not to let your mind wander into a world of “what ifs.” As if that wasn’t enough, a doctor’s amateur drawings and renderings only act to exacerbate the situation.

Kisses from Katie knows we cannot stop a mind from wandering, but we believe we can simplify language and improve the ability for a doctor to communicate with an older patient or family. By giving physicians iPads to use during parent conferences, we hope to enable improved dialogue that can create better understanding for the parents and improved advocacy for their child.

Technology is an incredible asset. However, technology without appropriate guidance and support can be misleading for parents trying to learn more about their child’s condition. A physician, equipped with an interactive tool is a significant step toward increased knowledge for parents.

WeKNOW hopes to do what its name suggests - help parents feel comfortable and confident when discussing their child’s condition. In an otherwise helpless situation, education is one of the only variables a parent can control- we KNOW looks to support that education.

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